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Napa Valley cuisine reflects a deep appreciation for nature and the seasons. At Cooking with Julie the hands-on cooking classes show case the abundant produce and legendary local products. You'll learn culinary techniques to cook delicious meals with confidence. The ingredients come mostly from small local family farms, highlighting the best each season has to offer. You will leave inspired with lots new ideas and techniques.

The hands-on classes emphasize the theory and technique that will make you a better cook. Convivial classes are taught by Julie and special guest chefs. Afterward, the cooking class becomes a special culinary keepsake, as you use your new found expertise to prepare memorable meals for family and friends. We invite you to join Julie and savor a fresh taste of the Napa Valley.

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Locations: Tuscany and Puglia, Italy

The Tuscan Table in the Autumn: Truffles
Tuscany, Italy

November 8 -15, 2015

Our sojourn in Tuscany is an opportunity to experience white truffles— rare and precious with its’ intoxicating aroma, a hidden treasure at the height of the season. The trip includes early morning truffle hunts, cooking classes, and visits to small boutique wineries. The olive harvest will be in full process at this time too. You’ll learn how to evaluate extra-virgin olive oil. We’ll visit small producers of artisan foods of the region. There will be several hands-on cooking classes that focus on the best of Tuscan cuisine, using local ingredients from the villa and our daily trips. Tuscany in the fall is special -the end of the grape harvest and the beginning of the olive. It is a foodie paradise. Nowhere else in Italy, offers the spectacular scenery, incredible food and wines in such a compact area. You’ll experience Tuscany through its people and its food. (read more)

Puglia: The New Place Under the Italian Sun
Castellana Grotte, Puglia, Italy
June 11 -19, 2016

Come and discover this beautiful land between two seas. Puglia is unspoiled, with endless ancient olive groves and vineyards, and small Medieval towns that are UNESCO world heritage sites. Come explore its cone-roofed trulli and white sand beaches with me this spring. Puglia is off the beaten path for now, but it won’t be for long—Wine Enthusiast named it one of its Top 10 Wine Regions of the World for 2013 and National Geographic included it in its “Best Trips 2014.”
Reserve your place in this exclusive tour as we only have room for 8.

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"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine." Brillat-Savarin

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