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Panzano Italy

Culinary Tours
The limited group size makes the tour intimate and gives you a greater opportunity to immerse yourself in the local scene. The itineraries are designed for a more personal and rich experience with the locals. Be inspired by experiences not found in the typical guidebook!

“There is no better way to get to the heart of any city than through its cuisine. And that means not just eating it, but shopping for it, cooking it and beginning to understand it." Taylor Holliday, New York Times.

Tour of Italy's Food Valley
Bologna to Parma

November 2-8, 2016
Our local culinary expert Alice, born and raised in Parma is passionate about sharing her insider secrets of Emilia Romagna’s food traditions. Each day provides different cultural and culinary experiences as we explore the Emilia Romagna region. Renowned for the three kings of Italian food—Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham, and Traditionale Balsamic vinegar— this region of Italy is truly a food haven.

The Tuscan Table in Autumn: Truffles
Tuscany, Italy

November 11-18, 2016
Join Julie for an unforgettable guided culinary tour of Tuscany Italy . You will have the opportunity to spend time in a foodie paradise in its most special time of the year: the start of the olive harvest, the end of the grape harvest, and the beginning of the white truffle season. You will evaluate extra-virgin olive oil, hunt for truffles, and eat and cook the finest Tuscan cuisine. Above all, you will get to know the people and culture of Tuscany.

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Private Tours are available to book with your own group on most any date you choose, given lodging availability

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